My austerity drive

Taking a cue from the pot-bellied BJP leaders who left the comforts of star hotels and instead chose to accommodate themselves in tents, I too decided a few weeks back to cut down on my expenses. Why the sudden halo around my head, you may ask? Well, the ratio of my spending to my earnings is not a pretty number. I am unable to fathom where all the money goes, to be honest. I do not drink. I do not go clubbing or pubbing or whatever it is called. Its not like I shop everyday either. In fact its been more than a week since I bought something worth showing off. And you all know the golden rule right – if you can’t flaunt something, its not worth buying. Coming back, I scratched my head over and over again in the hope that I would stumble upon my ‘eureka’ moment. This exercise was stupid because firstly, I am not Archimedes and secondly, my head kind of hurts after all the torture it was subjected to.

So, I decided to get all economical by not drooling over every dress at ladybug and every shoe at loft. I also reverted back to giving missed calls to my parents, much to their annoyance. Trouble is none of this seems to be working. I still have a hole in my pocket or purse, depending on what I am wearing. My phone bills are shooting up without shame and then just today, I lusted after a book which had garnered rave reviews. I opened my hdfc online account to check how much I had spent already. The sum total seemed to suggest that I was above the poverty line but I know how much more richer or less poorer I could have been had I curbed my instincts. So guess what…

I bought the book. I also bought another book. And I am not finished yet. I have great shopping plans for the weekend. Austerity, here I come!!

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4 Responses to My austerity drive

  1. Nisha says:

    awessommee post!! 🙂

    I agree… before u knw the cash has come.. u have no idea where its goin 🙂 🙂

  2. Bhargava says:

    for a minute i thought the weekend plans have changed!! glad that they haven’t 🙂

  3. Trisha says:

    tut Austerity just became better for the economy. lol

  4. The Survivor says:

    That’s one way of following the austerity drive 🙂

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