Office Office!

I just realized that I have not written much about my office on my blog. Most people think that I work in Mumbai (I wish I did), courtesy my posts on the city; but I am still happily perched in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is like a comfort zone for me. Was actually. Now, I somehow find it too familiar for my liking. Okay, I digress again but you get where this is going. I am itching for a change of place. What was I talking about…hmm yeah my office.

My office is a strange place. There are days when I feel good walking into the building (these days are usually Fridays and the days our salaries get credited), and then there are days when I have this awful knot in my stomach and an unmanageable burden on my shoulders which makes taking every tiny step towards the place a Herculean task. I never expected office to be as much fun as college. So my expectations were never sky-high. Yet, I hoped to meet interesting people and make good friends and learn few things. Do not think I am friendless.I have made some really good friends, most of them college recruits like me. So they do not really count. I mean, we are all like peas in a pod. We have all seen english tv shows, occasionally listened to rock, miss our colleges and have a certain level of sympathy for each other :). What I mean is, I hoped I would bump into other people at the workplace who would be ‘cool’. Unfortunately, that has not happened. Sad, isn’t it? Don’t start pitying me. Life is not so bad but, it is no great shakes either.

Just the other day, one of my teammates and I went for breakfast. It was her birthday that day and I could not see even a speck of excitement in her gait. I wondered why she seemed so dull. I asked her about her plans for the evening and she said, “I am married”. I was taken aback for a while. What does your marital status have to do with celebrating birthdays. I did not pester her much but the philosophy that ‘marriage ties you down’, is not as fictional as I thought it was. Maybe she was a one-off case but I have seen scores of women like her who are hardly 24-25 years old and behave as if they are not ‘young’ enough to party.

Then there is this other guy, quite older than I am, who is constantly glued to his computer. He goes to eat alone, prefers silence to conversation and never involves himself in any team event. This group of people are quite prevalent across the organization actually. They come, work and leave. Maybe some of them really love their work or maybe some of them are plain socially awkward but, no man is an island. I tried making conversation with him once but he gave monosyllabic answers which indirectly meant that he was not particularly interested in non-computers. The other day I accidentally overheard his phone call. He was smiling and sounded pretty chirpy. I looked out to see if a cyclone was heading in our direction. Convinced by the glaring sunlight that this was indeed happening, I tried to eavesdrop a little and realized that he was talking to his young daughter. It was such an aww moment. I guess being a father has made him responsible and pressed for time but I wish he took out some time to interact with his fellow teammates.

The rest of my team is pretty good otherwise. They are all older than I am and hence, the generation gap is glaringly huge but, topics like cricket and Telangana bridge that gap on some days. I do not know if this is the kind of environment I would like to work in but, but I do know that I am never ever going to be the girl who does not celebrate her birthday or is in a relation with her work. There are so many more important things in life. I have also realized that IT is not my thing. I knew that towards the end of my third year in college but, I just went with the tide and regret not having an appetite for risk. Hopefully, by this summer I can pursue my passion and end up in an office that does not require ten security checks.

PS: To all the people who will enter the corporate world soon – good luck and have fun. Remember that work is important and should be your priority but its not the be all and end all of everything. Also, exercise, because most of my batch mates have put on so much weight 🙂 (no names mentioned)

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11 Responses to Office Office!

  1. Munish Gupta says:

    thr is always one of those characters in everyone’s office who keeps glued to the computers like a chewing gum…

  2. sashidhar says:

    and no! i have definitely not put on weight. Though i know who you are talking about 😛

  3. pankajsaini says:

    I on the contrary.. love my work place and the surroundings.. I hope everybody knows .. why 😛 (obvious reasons) … as far as… work is concerned.. it’s been both ‘nothing’ and ‘too much’ at times… but so far so good.. and I’ve seen a mix of so many kinds of people… but most of them are cool 🙂 then again… some hard-core exceptions are always there 😀

  4. such a sweet post…you made me remember my first few days at my first job.

    Unfortunately, I work alone and miss the madness of having colleagues. Its better to have someone ‘Even the Computer chap’ from your office than to be totally alone.

  5. g2 says:

    May be she is the kind of a person who did not like to party…
    In college it is really difficult to find an excuse to not attend a party and that she is out of college and married, she has the excuse… May be she is living her dream!

    just another perspective :p

  6. earthwire says:

    😀 I have been in the IT industry for quite sometime now… and guess what I am doing? reading blogs 😉

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