A day in my life

Is the same from Monday to Friday. It starts with contemplation on what to wear to office; an exercise that leaves me heartbroken over the poverty of my wardrobe. But, I move on. I am an Indian girl after all. I then get dressed in a jiffy, or more, and then proceed to contemplate on what shoes I am going to wear to office; an exercise that leaves me heartbroken over the poverty of my shoe stand. But, I move on. I am an Indian girl after all.

I am greeted by sleepy security guards who try extremely hard to sound enthusiastic, but their tones cheat them. As I proceed towards my desk, I start contemplating on what work I am supposed to do for the day. This contemplation does not end, but the day does. Which is like too much of contemplation by any standards. But, I missed some key things. There is this guy who keeps checking me out. I know he does because he makes it too obvious. He is kinda cute. Painstakingly thin. What is the deal with me and thin guys. I contemplate a little :). Then there is the contemplation over where to eat, what to eat. I manage to get some company this time though. Me and my friends enter an online discussion and start discussing the time and venue. Its one of the more fun parts of my day. Loads of pathetic jokes, unnecessary smileys and gossip.

I leave for home, contemplating what to wear for my yoga class. It takes me exactly 10 minutes to change and rush for the class – why, because that’s precisely the amount of time I have. The walk from my house to the class involves contemplation on what song to listen to on the i-pod. Luckily, my yoga teacher does most of the contemplation during the class. The return back home is filled with dodging grown up men who somehow seem to want to walk on the same breadth of road as you. My stares are useless. I mean, they must be immune to it. Have to contemplate on some new techniques. I return home, am obviously tired after the extensive workout 😛 and half a kilometer walk. So, I end up cooking some garbage, aah wait, not before contemplating on what to cook. Then I sit in front of my laptop and contemplate on what tv show/movie to watch. Its one contemplation I do not mind that much :). I end up sleeping midway through one such viewing and wake up next day knowing exactly how it is going to be. Welcome to my groundhog life!!

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8 Responses to A day in my life

  1. Sankalp says:

    dont contemplate so much… it’s scary 😛

  2. pankajsaini says:

    Yoga Classes…… someone is going fatty.. or what? 😀

  3. g2 says:

    Written in jest or otherwise, you have made me resolve that I am never gonna work in an office

  4. guyofthe90s says:

    your writing style is really involving….all ur posts are a breeze !

    p.s – whts with the “am an indian girl after all” piece ? swipe the plastic !

  5. MS says:

    Your posts are a good read…The guard thing, guy who stares at you in office, what to eat, yoga classes….seems like an endless list 🙂

    i am commenting on an old post but felt that this one is quite captivating…checked your other posts…they are kool…

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