The IPL post

I am neither a cricket pundit nor Navjot Singh Sidhu. The opinions expressed in this post stem from my limited albeit poignant knowledge of cricket (that is how one should expand ignorance). I do not care what a silly point is or how a cover drive is played or why cricketers suffer from tennis elbow. But, I know that cricket is a sport and not a business. Unfortunately, Mr. Modi is so caught up with himself and entertaining movie stars that he seems to have forgotten this. The result – IPL 3. The mother of all things that scream, show and no substance. But, I am not here to complain because, honestly it does not serve any purpose. Instead let me analyze some aspects of IPL 3 that have caught my imagination. These are as much about cricket as IPL 3itself is.

For starters, have you guys heard the promotional/intro song of Extra Innings. It is mind blowing – as in it blows your mind. We have four awesomely talented actors singing ridiculous lyrics trying everything in their power to make us watch the show. Poor Anshuman. He was so much better off on MTV.

Then the show starts and you witness the man himself. Mr. Sidhu in his gorgeous ties. Come on, just because that man suffers from verbal diarrhea does not mean he cannot carry off color. He is such a style icon.

Showcasing color co-ordination expertise

In his trademark 'balle balle' meets 'brooding hen sitting over an egg' posture

Thankfully, cricket does start and mankind heaves a sigh of relief. Now, the real fun starts. There was a time when advertisements were aired in between overs. But, Mr. Modi is without doubt someone who thinks about the future. He believes in the ancient Mayan prophecy that the world will come to an end in 2012. So, he knows that time is very less and he needs to make use of every second. So now we have

1. a delirious Akshay Kumar showing off his million-dollar, oops decibel laugh.

Click here @ your own risk

2. Viru and Gambhir getting all naughty and nudgy.

Go watch Brokeback Mountain instead 🙂

3. a model in a red bikini promoting cement (this is my all time favorite ad – marketing genius)

Oggle here

Providing respite in between all this are the zoozoo ads. The current ones are probably not as good as their predecessors but, they do not make you pull your hair either. One would hope that at least while watching the match, one would hear words from the cricket dictionary. No. As it turns out, we are hoping for a little too much. Because cricketers these days hit ‘dlf maximums’ and take ‘karbon kamaal katches’ – no, this is neither an Ekta Kapoor nor Karan Johar backed product. I checked.

I mean there has been so much thought put into this edition of IPL that, at least to commend the efforts, each and every one of us should tune in. There are so many kodak moments(omg, this advertising thing is infectious) you would miss if you missed IPL3. Before signing off, one piece of advice. Make sure you have searched for the nearest pillar or ceiling fan before the telecast starts. May you all find your city moment of success in this endeavour.

PS: I just had to put the last line in there.

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16 Responses to The IPL post

  1. IPL is and will be about making money. As long as that holds true, these type of advertising and marketing strategies will keep popping up. I won’t be surprised to see Fevicol pitch report in IPL 4.

  2. bhargava says:

    just when i thought mr.modi has cashed on IPL in every possible way i heard the news on the semifinals and the final being broadcast in 3D across theaters!! i mean seriously WTF!!

    when u told me about the jk cement ad i didnt realize it was this pathetic and dumb!! luckily i never came across the ad while watching the matches on youtube

    • Namrata says:

      That JK ad is pure unadulterated genius, isn’t it?

      And ya, that 3d thing is going to spawn so many jokes 🙂

  3. Nisha says:

    hahahaa… hilariouussss!!!!

    i never paid so much attention to Siddhu’s ties and awesome dressin style! his voice n tone is irritatin enough.. hehe…

  4. rohit says:

    All said and done about the ads and commercialization of cricket, I still support IPL coz it gave a reason for the players to take up cricket seriously. It provides the most essential money to the lesser-known players and a platform for them to improve their game.

    Yes, It is a little over-board but that is what business is all about it right?

    • Namrata says:

      Your last line says it all. IPL is not business or is it?

      • rohit says:

        yes it is… a business venture with cricket as product and entertainment as by-product. btw wait for IPL-4.. it will be more insane and more foolish! 🙂

  5. Sundeep says:

    ipl is intelligent and very profitable business. wish i took my cricket lessons a bit more seriously in my school days :D. look at the remunerations paid to the domestic players. the least is more than what google/amazon pays and also think about the perks (only 2 months work/annum, will be working with celebrities so invitations to lavish parties, lots of cheer leaders and hugs from actresses :P) . isn’t it tempting?

  6. aativas says:

    until there are takers, the market is going to sell.. when one gets bored of the product, the new generation enters into and for it.. so switching the TV off is the best way!

  7. g2 says:

    “May you all find your city moment of success in this endeavor.” its CITI… even after 250 citi moments of success people don’t get the spellings right! no wonder they are forced to repeat it so many times…

  8. Trisha Singh says:

    hahaha. i am not a cricket person and am far away from all the ipl action, so I dont watch ipl. that said, I dont see anything wrong with the whole using a popular sport for more profit. I am sure the hardcore cricket as a sport lovers would have issues with “Karbon Kamaal Katches”. What the hell is Karbon anyways?

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