Gratuitous post

How many of you googled for the word in the title, huh :). Okay, all the non gre folks are excused. As for the others, start reading – the mention of this word will not puzzle you anymore. I have reached a blogger’s block actually. Nothing to write about. Well, let me rephrase that. Nothing worthwhile to write about – not that this space contains information that will be passed on to future generations or anything, but still. I do not completely blame myself though. IPL is done, have not met my family in a while, Liverpool is playing like a bunch of school girls, the French Open is a while away, no new Rakhi Sawant shows (now I genuinely miss her) and you do not really expect me to write about movies like Apartment, right?

So, I thought of having a small quiz sorta thing. Am posting a picture below. There is one extremely famous person in it. All you have to do is guess who the person is. It is kind of an IQ test.

Saying things like ‘aah, i know her/him but cannot remember her/his name’ or ‘he/she is from this ….. or I saw her/him on that….’ automatically lead to disqualification

If it took you between 0-5 seconds to answer
“Awesome. You epitomize true courage and patience.”

5-10 seconds and help from friends
“It is not too late. You can still get your life back on track. Just start spending more time watching the right kind of things”

>10 seconds
“Chi, doob maro kahi jaake” or
“Eww, go drown yourself somewhere”

So here’s the pic:

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23 Responses to Gratuitous post

  1. shrikant says:

    isnt it Amitabh bachchan ? cant remember the movie though. kaante would be my guess.

  2. mythalez says:

    i can’t even tell which person i am supposed to be identifying! πŸ˜›

  3. rahul says:

    What’s Santana doing in an Indian crowd I don’t know.

    Liverpool are gonna win the Europa league this year and the next year.

  4. deep says:

    :O ohh.. there r so many..whom shall i look at.. 😦
    when r u publishing the result??i m ready for drowning.. 😐

  5. bhargava says:

    what still no correct answers!? i thought if i could guess the person in 2 secs, with my limited knowledge in that area, then anyone can! πŸ˜› seems like i was wrong πŸ™‚

  6. Sixpoint says:

    Sharat Pawar on the left?

  7. neuron.spike says:

    Okay, I’ll show-off my facial identification skills πŸ˜›

    a) The guy in that black blazer looks like hero Nagarjuna’s daddy.
    b) The man with the hat looks like naseeruddin shah.
    c) guy just before the “man with the hat” looks like Duke University + I do drugs version of Lalit Modi.

    I give up, give me my chulu-bhar paani, thaki usme doob maro πŸ˜€

  8. Speed says:

    well i understood that u r trying to find out how may people are bored and jobless .. well let me tell u .. i am jobless but not bored , ofcourse got bored seeing it … then realised that it was me in the pic … thanks for the pic πŸ™‚

  9. UknowWho says:

    is dat sushma nadella at the bottom left , Ram Reddy at the top right and Divya K at top right?

  10. Srirang says:

    Mallya uncle ? πŸ˜›

  11. Namrata says:

    @mythalez – Thats the whole point πŸ˜€

    @Rahul – ROFL… Santana of all the people πŸ™‚

    @Bhargava – You stud !!!

    @Deeps – Waiting for some more time before letting the cat out of the bag

    @Ranga – Hehe, I know they all look hung over but its not Mallya πŸ˜€

    @Neuron – Keep trying man, you have talent πŸ˜›

    @SixPoint – Its Sharad. And no, its not him. Keep trying Tarun πŸ™‚

    @Speed – You are welcome !!

    @UKnowWho – You’re guessing skills suck dude. I mean are you serious πŸ™‚

  12. Saujanya says:

    is Laloo Prasad Yadav anywhere in there??

  13. Nisha says:

    OMG… i haven’t spend so much time tryin to figure out someone.. can’t find any famous guess in thr… I’ve seen tht bottom most guy somewhr… πŸ™‚ donnoo who or whr tho…. Hints plz! πŸ™‚

  14. Namrata says:

    @Sau – OMG, Lalu – how where??

    @Nisha – Okay one clue, its not the bottom most guy πŸ™‚

    • Speed says:

      well even u dont seem to be there … so whom are u referring … famous depends on the context ..(just like famous abt what where …)
      so could u please rephrase ur question …

    • Saujanya says:

      hehe..that was the remotest guess i could come up with..the guy in the middle remotely resembles him πŸ˜€

  15. djranga says:

    it is Chuck Norris. you can’t even say no. because if you say so, CN will kill you πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  16. Gaganpreet says:

    Damn… no tineye results either – you have manipulated the image!

    Is it some TV show? You’ve categorized the post so.

  17. Trisha says:

    oooh i was kinda lost inside ur header picture for a while (so cool!) but i guess that is not the one u were talking about. Is that shahrukh khan in that weird sherlock holmes getup.

  18. Tolia says:

    Piece of cake: It’s A.C.P Pradyuman (from CID in Sony) played by Shivaji Satam.

    And yeah it took me around 4 seconds to do this, my initial guesses were Vijay Mallya on top, Sharad Pawar to the left (bald one) or Ram Gopal Verma in the hat, then saw the 4th one and i was like ahaaa ….. Pretty simple.

    @ Suri: Six point is Bijoy, not me.

  19. Namrata says:

    Tarun, you are such a smarty pant. Wiki se saara info copy paste kiya kya ???

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