Not a gratuitous post

The last post was quite a revelation. Lots of people ended up in the ‘pani mein dub maro’ category. Before I tell the answer, would like to clear few things,

-> the photo was not tampered with in any way, except for some cropping and resizing 😛

-> fame is subjective, but when I reveal the name of the person, you will agree that there is no other man who deserves it more 😉

Here is the actual photograph:

CID in Manali/Shimla

I hope, now some clogs will start moving in your brains and you will recollect with joy the name which all criminals dread – ACP Pradhyuman. He’s the guy wearing a monkey cap and gogs on the top. Observe carefully. This was one helluva episode actually. Good thing I had my camera with me.

Okay, before people start cursing me, I sign off.

Like This!

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5 Responses to Not a gratuitous post

  1. neuron.spike says:

    NOT COOL!!!

  2. Himank says:

    Thats why they say,wanna have a look at the vella ppl. Go to the Blogroll! Kudos to you and your vellaness 😀

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