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My blog has been facing neglect with remarkable dignity over the past few weeks. Imagine a door being closed on your face. Hey, I said imagine, I ain’t drawing from personal experience here; and for the record, I am usually the person who would close the door on someone’s face :). Okay, so imagine the embarrassment. That is nothing compared to the humiliation my blog has been facing. Fortunately, I was determined to change that solely because I do not want the stats on my blog to say 0 visitors !!

The reasons for the neglect range from a visit to Mumbai to sheer laziness. The former was a blast. The latter was too! Have been surviving on re-reruns of One Tree Hill for a while. Whoever has not seen this show, yuck thu :). Better start watching it!!

Saw quite a few movies though. Here’s me pretending to be Roger Ebert plus a toned down and slower version of Masand 🙂

Housefull (Hindi) – Although its running time is a little over two and a half hours, it seems like an eternity before the end credits roll. Sajid Khan is not known for insightful cinema or humor. But, monkeys engaging in fights with humans and people prancing around in their pyjamas dodging a man sleepwalking is not really my idea of a comedy. Maybe the idea was good but the execution was flawed. Akshay is a really good actor and although I do not enjoy most of his movies, there is no denying that he is talented. But, when the most bankable star in recent times starts singing ‘I dont know what to do’, you know you are in deep shit. The overacting by Lara was unbearable and the flatter than the flattest stomach of Deepika makes me feel like running away from every possible calorie. Yet, the movie has done well. I for one would not recommend this movie to anyone who has even an iota of IQ.

KickAss (English) – Saw this movie a long time after the hype surrounding it waned. It did not live up to the expectations I had, but it was an entertaining watch nonetheless. The little girl was the star of the movie and if movies like Superbad and this are anything to go by, Geeks are the new dudes. Enjoyed the dialogue and the fights. Looking forward to the sequel. Worth a watch.

How To Train Your Dragon (English) – Missed watching this one in the cinemas but after a prolonged bout of laziness, finally saw it. Loved the movie. Innovative idea and great direction. The humor is bang on and so are the artists who have done the voice overs. The movie is not just about dragons and stuff, but has father-son relationship, fitting in issues etc also thrown in and handled well; which makes the movie much better than other animation films. Do not miss this flick.

Shrek: Forever After (English) – I am a die hard Shrek fan. Yes, I did see the third installment and was disappointed but, Shrek still remains my most favorite Animation franchise (tied with Toy Story). So, knowing that this would be the last movie, coupled with the fact that the reviews were mixed, I went in with average expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is not as good as the first two were but serves as a befitting end to the ogre-meets-fairytale-meets-romance-meets-pop culture story. If you are a Shrek fan you will end up watching this anyways. But, even if you are not and it sucks to be you, you should enjoy the movie. Worth a watch.

Will hopefully write a better post the next time around. Atleast I am relieved that I could write sentences after such a long gap.

PS 1: French Open is on and Federer for the win. Hoping, Sam Stosur or Wozniacki go all the way.

PS 2: As for the Fifa world cup, supporting Spain followed by England.

PS 3: Is anyone even following the tri series in Zimbabwe?

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18 Responses to At the Movies

  1. Karan says:

    Didnt know you were a Stosur fan as well 🙂
    Football WC- Netherlands!

  2. Badrinath says:

    I am surprised people support England at the WC. Way too much hype, way too little end-product. I bet the PS-es in the post will be the subject of more comments than its actual contents 😛

    (+1 to KickAss and How to Train Your Dragon btw)

    • Namrata says:

      I have this massive thing for Gerrard :), and England were awesome in the qualifiers, but they have never really lived up to their potential. Hopefully, that will change this time !

    • rahul says:

      We watch EPL the whole season. Supporting the national team kinda becomes our duty after that, like it or not 😛

  3. One Tree Hill… just when I had quit watching TV shows !!
    Housefull was a torture, really… I generally don’t call a movie ‘torture’, but this one deserves it !! I had to watch an episode of That ’70s show to feel better !!
    ‘How to train your dragon’… have to watch it.
    ‘Kickass’ was good the first time I watched it.
    ‘Shrek’… meh!
    I see you didn’t watch ‘Kites’… its a well presented movie!

  4. Sundeep says:

    have you missed “Simha” ? If so, I pity you.

  5. djranga says:

    rofling @ when the most bankable star in recent times starts singing ‘I dont know what to do’, you know you are in deep shit.

    I loved Kick Ass, though it started off as a nerdy movie, slowly and exponentially the violence content increased but it was Mindy who stole the show!

    haan waise Kites bhi dekh sakte ho! nice movie, if not bad!

  6. mythalez says:

    Spain already have the Euro .. why do u want to give them the WC too?!! 😛
    Argentina and England have my support! and … poor Fed .. tch!

    • Namrata says:

      The only reason I like Argentina is because I have a tiny crush on Messi :). And ya Fed loses. I guess he does not really have any motivation left. But, what a run Soderling’s been having at Roland Garros.

  7. Houseful is such a pathetic movie that it doesn;t even deserve a review. Monkey actually came as the best actor and probably his character should have been dwelt into more. While he was it it, few slaps to Ritesh and Sajid would have made the movie an outright success.
    HTTAG was simply amazing…

  8. Namrata says:

    @Karan – That question cannot be answered in a comment. Its more like a thesis topic actually 🙂

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