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Odd timings and odder sleeping patterns have made it impossible for me to watch a movie at a stretch – any other way is just not fine for me. So, I have found solace in the company of TV shows and have ended up watching quite a few over the past year. Here is a list of TV shows you could check out

1. Mad Men – I downloaded the series after hearing rave reviews about it. The hype surrounding it is 100% justified. Its the only English drama series I have followed with keen interest (other than One Tree Hill). Great acting and consistently well written story lines. If you are looking for something fluffy like HIMYM or just time-pass rib ticklers like TBBT, then give this one a miss. Its a proper serious drama.

2. Glee – My most favorite show on this list. It took a couple of episodes for me to get used to all the singing, but the concept is so unique that its success is quite surprising as well. Quirky characters and mind blowing dialogues. Sue Sylvester has to be the most kick ass character on television right now. If you enjoy sarcastic humor and/or high school shows, this is the show for you. If musicals are not your cup of tea, just fast forward through the songs but do not miss this show. If you do, you are inviting Sue’s wrath!

3. Modern Family – Only just started watching this show recently, but am a huge fan already. Its shot in a mockumentary fashion. If you are ‘The Office’ fan, then you will thoroughly enjoy the way in which the show is presented. In my opinion, it has the best ensemble cast. What is great though is that it does not just stop at being a show that looks into a ‘modern family’ and its dysfunctional behavior. There is a very sweet and subtle message at the end of each show which is delivered in a fashion that is as tongue-in-cheek as possible.

4. So you think you can dance – A lot of people must have seen a few episodes here and there or stumbled upon a youtube video from the show. I would recommend following an entire season as it gives you the chance to follow a dancer’s journey. If you are a dancer or like dance, that should not be a problem. Some times, the shows can get a little boring but, one standout piece is more than enough to make up for it. Amazing choreographers and dancers.

5. Project Runway – The latest season ended a while back but I am impatiently waiting for the next one. The best reality show on television. I know designers competing for an opportunity to showcase their lines does not sound too interesting. After all how entertaining can it be to watch dresses. Very entertaining! The process of getting a dress made in a stipulated amount of time and budget makes for nice viewing and a runway show can never be boring. If you are a girl, here’s a shout out to watch it. If you’re a guy but still into fashion, then you will definitely enjoy it more than you think because there is usually no undue drama. Plus, there are models!

Have fun watching the shows. Am desperately waiting for GG to start again. Its really bad but its my guilty pleasure!!

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14 Responses to TV guide

  1. Pankaj Saini says:

    Have seen only ‘Modern Family’ from the list …. can try ‘mad men’ and ‘glee’ though.. but these days I just end up watching.. FRIENDs.. over and over again 😀

    • Namrata says:

      FRIENDS is incredibly entertaining. It has the unique quality of becoming a part of your life sorta 🙂

  2. bhargava says:

    absolutely! Sue Sylvester has the best dialogs! especially the comments of Will’s hair 😛 but for some reason lost interest after watching the first episode of season 2

    and SYTYCD 7’s top 11 episode was the best I’ve watched among all seasons! Sonya rocks!

  3. rahul says:

    I’m going to start watching ‘Glee’ because you put Mad Men at the top of the list 😀

    Don Draper! He has a cameo in A-team and for anyone who watches Mad Men, it will be their favorite part of the movie.

  4. Trisha Singh says:

    Good list. Glee and Mad Men are among the best shows right now. Will definitely try modern family. Another office-like mockumentary with a great cast is Parks and Recreation Will definitely try modern family.

  5. SYTYCD is definitely a good one. I have seen all the seasons till now. Started with the latest season in US but had to give it a miss coz been too busy with the World Cup. Maybe will download and follow the rest of the season.

  6. Sri says:


    The most disgusting and cheap entertaining TV program ever made, next only to Bay Watch.

    I always wondered about people who liked it. It is becoming part of life? May be! That is why the number of dysfunctional families are on the rise.

    All these English channels along with English news (Esp. Domestic) channels should be banned in India with the exception of movie channels.

    • Maruti Borker says:

      Nigga please

      • Sri says:

        Hey, I know you have been polluted with all these alien stuff. But considering that I am not so sophisticated like you, you could have used some easily understandable words.

    • bhargava says:

      dude! “disgusting and cheap”!?! seriously!? and it’s the reason for the rise in dysfunctional families?
      care to enlighten us as to why, exactly?

      I’m not a die hard fan (yet!) and i haven’t watched the whole series but absolutely loved the few episodes that i’ve watched.

      Can you please, if you can spare your valuable time for us, explain why you think english channels have to be banned and why movie channels should be excluded!!??

  7. Maruti Borker says:

    This season of SYTYCD is awesome, I am supporting Jose and Sonya just like I supported Legacy and Kathryn last year 😀

    • Namrata says:

      Sonya has been amazing with her routines this season – especially that contemporary number with Allison. I think Jose is the weakest male dancer on the show right now given how incredibly talented the others are, but he has a very likable personality. What is it with guys rooting for only breakers and b-boys 😀

  8. sai says:

    jst the post i was waiting for.. tnx 🙂

  9. Ghost Runner says:

    tch tch … i didnt even these things existed 😮

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