What Women Want

Came across this competition on blogadda and decided to give it shot. It has been sponsored by Pringoo.

Now, some people (read between the lines -> men), consider women to be utterly complicated, unbelievably confused and unpredictable. They are right! We are all of that. We are also endearing, affable, emotional and intelligent. By design, men and women are different and it is a difference that needs to be appreciated. Am sure lot of people do appreciate that :P. But no book or preaching guru can help one figure out ‘What women want’, simply because the question is so huge and encompassing of so many personalities. Different people want different things and it is tough to generalize. Having said that, through media and popular culture, certain qualities have been attributed to women, a certain sort of stereotyping has been done. It is important to take those in the right spirit because we all know, not every man keeps his room untidy and not every woman is obsessed with shopping. So in that spirit, here’s my take on what women want:

1. Women want respect – I can vouch for the fact that any woman who has been eve teased or been whistled at knows how disrespectful it is. We do not expect to be treated like royalty (except for on special occasions :)), but we do not want to be treated like walking ornaments either. Women can be more than just receptionists and secretaries.

2. Women want long term relationships – By relationships, I do not mean only the romantic ones. Even when it comes to friendships, women believe in making friends for a lifetime. Every person they hang out with or go to a movie with is not necessarily their best friend. Yes, women may not go to cool pubs on weekends and bond over hangovers but, they will be there for you on your wedding day, on the day you are feeling down and out, on your anniversary and on any day when you just need a friend to talk to. Women may not talk to their college best buddies for years but when they have a special event to celebrate, they will want their best friend there to share the occasion and to click pictures 😛 and to bitch about random stuff 😉

3. Women want clothes and shoes – Well, a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do. I think it would be a waste if we did not buy stilettos and skirts and jeans and jackets and purses and belts. What would have people like Jimmy Choo and Versace done with their talents had the women folk not come in to their rescue. On a less lighter note, I do not think women are genetically built to shop but would like to believe that we have been spoiled by choice. We like to buy dresses in various colors because we have dresses in various colors. I do not think pink suits or yellow tuxedos appeal to most men, hence, our wants are justified !!

Also, it is perfectly okay for women to drool over latest apparel when guys drool over every other product that Apple doles out.

4. Women want their space – I think this is something I personally believe in very strongly. It is very important to not rush women into doing things just because its the right ‘age’ or the right ‘time’ or the right ‘person’. Women are slowly but surely coming into their own and exploring various opportunities. It is important that more women follow their dreams and create their own unique identities and spaces.

5. Women want happiness – I think this is a universal truth. But, the reason why I have put this seemingly obvious point on the list is that, more than success or money or respect or clothes, women feel good when they are happy. And the great thing about that is more often than not, that happiness is derived from the success of their partners, or the achievements of their siblings or the accomplishments of their friends. Ever wondered why women are so darn good at throwing parties or surprise get-togethers? Simple. They enjoy being a part of the celebration and are genuinely happy.

6. Women want the truth – Did I just see some men shrug off or raise eyebrows. Well, as much as you would like to disagree, truth is women appreciate honesty. The truth may hurt them or make then angry, but, given time, women tend to move on because, forgiving comes very naturally to most women. Yes, if you call her fat, she will hate you for the entire day, but, she will get over it either by hitting the gym or eating a chocolate bar :). So, telling the truth works much better than any other one liner.

PS: The opinions expressed are totally mine and all men and women are free to disagree 🙂

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22 Responses to What Women Want

  1. bhargava says:

    great post to answer the most difficult question guys face 😉

  2. Anupama says:

    Lovely post. The list is complete and undebatable.
    I was about to post something similar with the same title for the same competition!
    This is a surprise and ya, it is nice 🙂

  3. Sri says:

    After the absolute domination of my father before he died, my Mother wants to be a dictator, now.

    But I already have one, my wife who wants every thing in her own way. I never figured out this attitude before the marriage. Now in the past 8 years I am so much used to this that now my only reply consists of two words, yes Madam.

    I think priorities change with age and progression.

    The best I can say is they want understanding and want to be listened.

    • Namrata says:

      I will try and be as polite as I can but, pardon me if I am not. First of all, most of your comments seem very hollow and devoid of substance. Second, you are very misinformed. Third, you are anonymous. Please refrain from commenting further on my blog.


    • ramana says:

      Sri, They were so rude to you. You are a real (u)gulet. Oh! sorry I have no blog (needed license) to comment like you.

      e hindi whollu chala pogara motulu. mana rastram loki wachchi manalni choosi navvutaru. whalla goppa thanamu emito? I miss NTR, the great. The champion of Telugu people. I hope you come across this.

      telugu talli ki, ji.

  4. Aashish Sood says:

    Liked the views a lot… quite similar to what I posted in mine post… But in essence a good compilation

  5. Susan says:

    I very much enjoyed reading this. I esp liked the first and sixth need of a woman. Yes, truth is much much better than flattery from men.

  6. billyboneshaker says:

    I think the list is perfect.. even from a guy’s point of view…

  7. g2 says:

    I’d agree with your claim that women want the truth two months ago but now I don;t think I do anymore… I forgot a girl’s birthday (which was on the same day as IPL finals!). I told her that I forgot to wish her because I had an exam in the morning and I was watching the finals in the evening…

    Let me tell you, it has been 2 months and the honesty is not at all appreciated. She is not willing to speak to me because “she was hurt” that I was not “sorry enough” to come up with a “cute lie”… and she in fact gave me a parting “tip” for life stating that a cute lie would be better in such situations in the future.

    • Trisha Singh says:

      I am sorry to hear about your friend. Honestly (pun!!), the importance of honesty is very subjective. Being a girl myself, I would never tell any of my girlfriends the real reason I forgot their birthday 😛 but I would usually tell them honestly what I feel about their relationships, career choices, weight etc. As a rule of thumb, if the truth has the possibility of helping them in any way, girls appreciate it – eventually at least. But telling a close friend that u forgot their birthday for reasons that don’t involve death or disease is a long shot :P. btw i love ur blog.

      @Nammu – Loved the post!

  8. Gymnast says:

    Truth and Love.

    Sometimes i think thats all i need.

    And then i see all those clothes and books and perfumes…


  9. MS says:

    Good read…I think the opinion addressed here is quite true for liberated woman…however, I have seen woman like my mom who think that life is all about looking after family and compromising things…Women want a lot of things which sometimes goes unnoticed just because they dont come out or sometimes due to male factor…otherwise I feel that it’s really important to understand what a human need(s) is…Woman and Man just objects…
    Sorry to post so weird comment…:) cheers

  10. nileshkr says:

    Much of the questions and points raised here is very debatable, because, to sum up or to make generic a topic like this is not very easy. And debates on such topics will never reach a conclusion as already pointed out in the post “the question is so huge and encompassing of so many personalities”. But, still I think the post is very nicely written and presented as are your other posts 🙂 .

  11. prashasti says:

    Nice …
    Good Read …and agree on most points

  12. Nisha says:

    … agree with most of itt.. n loved the way u put it! 🙂

  13. earthwire says:

    Totally agree… I would have listed almost the same things, though not necessarily in the same order 🙂 Guess men now know what we want !!!!

    Women also want to be able to trust. Be someone they can bank on, and be present when needed.

    Also a little sense of humor never harmed anyone 😉

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