My first crush

Violins were not playing in the background nor were maple leaves gently flying around in defined patterns. Still, the effect was the same. I realized it was something serious when I went to sleep one night and actually dreamed about him. Seesh, a boy in a dream was a cardinal sin. Till 7th grade, guys and girls were usually at each others throat’s. If not that literal, at least not on friendly terms. Guys thought girls were shreiky and show-offy (i am ignoring you mr. spellcheck ) while girls thought guys were untidy and unruly!

One outgrows that whole boy vs girl divide in high school. That is when you start talking more often to your guy classmates and realize that they can be funny. And for a change they are not being sweet to you just to borrow your geography class notes. That is also when you tend to have infatuations. So as hard as I tried to shake off the dream as a one-off incident, I realized that I had had my first crush. I was like every one else now. Darn it.

Well it was not a school mate. No, it was not a teacher nor my building friend with whom I played, or at least tried to play cricket. It was not a sports person.

It was Raj. The guy from DDLJ. Do not roll your eyes. He was/is awesome. I mean Raj was everything I ever thought I wanted in my dream guy. Funny, charming, a go-getter and a total romantic. Everytime I see DDLJ I manage to fall in love with Raj. When I first saw the movie, I was too young to understand Raj :). But, as I grew up and saw the movie tens of times on television, I realized he was the perfect guy.

PS 1: Was talking to a friend yesterday when the topic of ‘first crush’ came up and hence, the post.

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18 Responses to My first crush

  1. bhargava says:

    i know how much you love DDLJ and Raj but did not know he was your first crush! 🙂

    “a boy in a dream was a cardinal sin” – lol!

    and you are absolutely right about the girls vs guys thingy in middle/high school! 😛

  2. Pankaj Saini says:

    First or not…. but one of my fav topics 😛 … Wudn’t want my comment to exceed your post in length … but just an observation… gals (in middle school) ‘had’ filmy crushes 😀 … guys ‘were’ more real I guess 🙂

  3. sundeep says:

    have you seen IHLS lately?? 😀

  4. sushma says:

    Nammu…iiit lo roju nee crushes gurinchi cheppedanivi…how come u missed this guy ……:)

  5. sashidhar says:

    DDLJ is a great movie and almost all people in our age group who have grown up watching hindi movies might say it’s their all time favorite movie! For some reason Jab We Met reminds me of this movie and I love geet in Jab We Met. Maybe the only movie of kareena kapoor where she was good 😛

  6. Sri says:

    Madam, I am really sorry to post a comment here again.

    Please tolerate me for the diversion. But you can read from the below link.

    It is a real shame.

    The report mentions sanghparivar. But what did BJP do when it was in power for 6 years?

    Thank you.

  7. bhargava says:

    what the eff!?! what were you expecting my posting that link here? i’m seriously trying to wrap my head around your comment!

  8. @nks says:

    Raj –> failed in college once again.
    Raj –> stole beer from a old man’s shop in London.
    Raj –> played by ruk-ruk-khan …. eww….
    Raj –> spending rich ass daddy’s money on euro trip, indian trip and messing up his future.
    Raj –> Seriously ???

    • Namrata says:

      Raj – who had the balls to go and meet the parents of the girl he liked

      Raj – who did not mind being beat up for the sake of his love

      Raj – intelligent and charming enough to make his way through an unknown family

      Btw, did I mention how young I was when I first crushed on him??

  9. Trisha Singh says:

    Hmm I still crush on fictional beings. lol btw “Raj” would fail in real life. Not that I liked him much on the screen.

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