It has been an eventful few weeks. Most of them have led to one significant conclusion.I can say with supreme confidence that I am the most careless person on planet earth. No, I do not do normal careless stuff like forgetting to switch off the heater or turn off the light. Thats way below my dignity. I excel in a more challenging sort of carelessness. Something that involves a lot more panic and tension. Sometimes I wonder if its bad luck or bad karma. Not that I am a firm believer in either, but sometimes things get so out of control – or rather so out of your control that, all routes of retrospection lead to no logical conclusion.


I had a very interesting experience recently. It was raining and I had to get into an auto. I did not realize that in my hurry, I had dropped my wallet which contained money,my debit card, my license and my phone! Once the auto stopped, I searched through my bag to realize the aforementioned fact. I panicked. Had I had my phone with me, I could have atleast contaced a friend. I did not even have money to pay the auto fare. Noticing my predicament, the auto driver asked me to calm down, and searched the entire vehicle. I told him I did not have any money with me to pay him. He said it was ok and instead gave me his phone to make a call. I immediately called up my friend and then my phone. Luckily, a female voice answered my call and told me that she had picked up my wallet and realizing that it had my license and cash, she held on to it thinking that someone would definitely be looking for it. I heaved a sigh of relief. I do not know what to make of this situation. Consider myself unlucky to have lost the wallet in the first place or lucky to have eventually found it. How many autowallahs would have been so generous or how many people so thoughtful.


What is it with footballers and fidelity. First Cole, then Terry and now Rooney. Its disgusting to say the least. Ashley is just plain stupid. He had Cheryl Tweedy of all the people as his wife. Rooney went ahead and had an affair at a time when his wife was preggers. I mean, seriously. I know it is not sensible to stereotype all footballers, but, where is their value system? In a time when media has become so powerful and celebrities such soft targets, how can they possibly think of doing something so wrong and getting away with it. Especially when children are involved. I hope the British media – which can be pretty brutal – leaves no stone unturned in making these footballers feel miserable for their actions if they aren’t already feeling it!

Saw ‘We are family’. Don’t ask me why but I was hoping that it would not be bad. I was right. It was not bad. It was terrible. Manipulative and sappy. Kajol just hammed away to glory. She is a fine actress but sometimes she can get on one’s nerves. Kareena – yes, she is my favourite actress but I will be unbiased here – was good. The role did not require her a-game and she did not bring it either. But, of the two I would take Kareena’s restrained performance over Kajol’s hyper acting any day. Arjun Rampal was a wallflower. And not a good looking one at that. Age catching up!! Am really looking forward to seeing Dabanng. Hope Salman gives more than two expressions – one being his constipated look and the other being the expressionless look – in this film.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everyone! Its my favourite festival and am really looking forward to decorating the house and tasting granma’s delicacies. Hoping more wisdom is granted to everyone 🙂

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7 Responses to Randomness

  1. Deepti says:

    Oh no, I can beat anybody on this planet when it comes to carelessness. So don’t steal away my title 😛 And not a word against the steely voiced Arjun Rampal dear 😛

  2. Sri says:

    Well beat this in carelessness

    1) loss of batch trip pics
    2) loss of data dvd while taking backup
    3) loss of tenth and inter certificates
    4) putting minnesota in the place of massachusetts in massachusetts sop.

    This is just a sample 😛

  3. Sri says:

    Well beat this in carelessness

    1) loss of batch trip pics
    2) loss of data dvd with my projects while taking backup of old computer
    3) loss of tenth and inter certificates
    4) putting minnesota in the place of massachusetts in massachusetts sop.

    This is just a sample 😛

  4. Sri says:

    Name clarification: I am the guy who was told huh…. not to type on this blog by Ma’m. I am not that Sri, who wrote his/her about carelessness. I am different.

    Even I was wondering what made that stupid footballer Alex do such things he did, cheating on his wife Cheryl repeatedly. Actually she should have dumped him if not at the first report of such thing but at least at the second instance of infidelity. Only God knows why she hanged out with that stupid for such long time.

    I even commented on this at this site during the world cup: (Comment # 14, name stephen)

    But a woman can equally be stupid! Take the case of home wrecker Sienna Miller. Or even Lindsay Lohan.

    Actually this is not man or woman issue but most of so called celebrities tend to be of the worst kind or immoral. They do not deserve the worship they get. Actually I feel they are stupids. More stupidity is Journos asking them about their opinions on relevant issues, social or political or humanitarian. They are full of crap.

    Look at Bollywood’s hobnobbing with terrorist Headley. Or even the latest, an actress in involvement with Pakistani teams endemic fixing scandals.

  5. Badrinath says:

    Marrying a famou$ per$onality (footballers are the biggest names, in the UK) has many pluses for (in this case) the woman – a rich lifestyle, unparalleled publicity, support for their “brands of perfume”, networking, etc – none of which she could have even dreamt of otherwise (except cheryl). Along with that, comes the major negative – an increased chance of being cheated on (woods, a.cole, terry).

    Even if the woman did marry for love, surely she was aware of the trade-off. Given how rampant infidelity is in the UK (>50%, estimates suggest), I dont see why the media villifies famous personalities so much. I don’t debate the morality of the act, but I find all the media support for the wronged woman quite laughable, especially as she “silently suffers” while sipping Chardonnay Icewine, abord her luxury yacht moored off an uncharted island in the Maldives, which by some stroke of luck, her husband actually happens to own.

  6. Saujanya says:

    you know..things can get worse..like when i forgot my wallet in the movie hall last night..worse is that i still will be just as careless.. 😦

  7. Yash says:

    @carelessness…having slogged for the entrance exam and forgetting to apply for the examination (grad colleges-engg and med) 🙂
    @nammu loved that sentence about carelessness. “way below my dignity” 😀

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