My best friends

I look back at my memories in Rajahmundry with a lot of fondness and I remember being distictly happy in a way that I have never been since then. A lot of it has to do with my two best friends Deepika and Trisha. I remember the first day of school in St Anns. Deepika and Trisha were the class monitors and when I was dropped off at the class, I was both apprehensive and excited. It was a new begining and one that I hoped would be better than my previous one. My school life in Assam can be summed up in one word – lonely. I somehow never managed to strike a genuine friendship there and my happiest memory was when I had an operation and was away from school for a good two months. So, I was keen to not let that happen.

Surprisingly, we bonded pretty fast. A lot of it had to do with dance. All the three of us loved dancing and we just simply had to participate in every school event. It helped that all of us were good at academics as well. So, we were the teacher’s pets – atleast till 8th standard – and although I do not like this tag, ‘the popular kids’. Lot of people did not like the attention we got but we never cared. We were too busy having fun. Now when I look back I can understand why we would have pissed a lot of people off. Rajahmundry is not a big town nor is it a ‘modern’ town in the conventional sense. Having said that I owe a lot of me to this place and particularly to my school. And I would like to believe I am quite modern. In both the conventional and unconventional sense :).

But, this is not about me but about the wonderful memories I shared with my best friends. The suddenness of writing on this stems from the fact that just yesteday I booked tickets to go to Rajahmundry for Deepika’s marriage. Just typing that feels weird because I cannot digest the fact that we have grown up. I can still recollect in HD quality the lunch breaks where we could call dibbs on whose box we would eat first ,the countless number of times we sneaked out of class for a dance practice, the innumerable competitions in which we participated and the regularity with which we stormed Trisha’s home to watch a movie over weekend. Just thinking about all these things brings a huge smile on my face and strangely a little bit of sadness as well because, I know we will never be able to relive those moments as much as we would like to. We are all realists and the reality is that we have such different lives now that just staying in touch seems like a task. Having said that, whenever we do talk or chat, there is this comfort level and genuine affection which I think is owing to the fact that we were ‘school- friends’. They were a part of my growing up years and that cements this friendship as the best I have ever had.

There is a lot I can write about both of them and the influence they have had in my life but that’s reserved for some other time. Now, that Deepi is getting married and will in all probability move to the US, I am feeling sort of jealous that both she and Trisha will meet up and have fun and I will be here in Hyderabad :(. I remember thinking that even when we grew up we would all be living in the same city and meeting each other on a regular basis just like it happens on the show FRIENDS. Talk about being naive! I am mature enough now (!!) to understand that life is not an NBC studio and that there are certain factors beyond one’s control. Inspite of this I am certain that given the way the three of us were designed by Mr. God, irrespective of our age or the place where we stay or the relations we are in, we will always be the loud, funny, smart, always-getting-into-trouble-but-getting-out-of-it girls we were, when in school. Cheers to that.

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6 Responses to My best friends

  1. g2 says:

    Surya Deepika’s getting married! Have fun in RJY 🙂

  2. Trisha says:

    After reading this, the only thing helping me from drowning in chronic nostalgia is the fact that we are getting together in a month. Cheers to that too! 😀

  3. Sundeep says:

    in case you are going to study further, may be you could do it in america :D.

  4. vrikmace says:

    I like reading your posts. You talk about your life and life in general, which is mundane, but your writing is so comfortable that I read the whole post. Keep writing. 🙂
    P.S. – LOL @ “Mr. God” 😀

  5. Hiran says:

    Dude good language

    keeps on writting 🙂

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