Turning 23

I grew an year older recently. Three and a twenty cheers to that. Birthdays – or rather my birthday, is probably the most anticipated day on my calendar, for me. That excitement has not waned and I hope it does not. After all, birthday is the one day when you can get away with anything – almost anything by saying, “its my birthday today”.

The one thing I always look forward on my birthday is what presents I am going to get. I drop subtle hints over phone conversations or emails ,and in my own intelligent way thread in gift ideas into non relevant chats. Its not like I do not appreciate surprises but, I like to get gifts that I am going to use. I am a little bit like Rachel in that sense. Also, in my defence I do a brilliant job of acting like I am surprised when I gently open the wrapping paper (more like tearing it apart)!!

This birthday was a little different though. I sort of feel like I have really grown up this year. Yes, I am still stubborn and unreasonable but I have become less impulsive and less judgemental. So, this birthday was subdued and minus any frills or fancy decorations or even a party hat. Yet, it was probably one of the best birthdays ever. I shopped, saw a nice movie, had a wonderful dinner and felt very very happy. Touchwood!

The day after your birthday is the worst. You realize you are no longer the special one, the left over cake does not seem appetizing and the stupid calendar mockingly looks at you to remind you about how long you have to wait for your next birthday. I usually look back at an year and do some ‘reflection’, on this day. Unlike many, I feel new year’s eve is the most overhyped day of the year. Hence, resolutions are usually preponed to the day after birthday. The advancement does not usually have any effect since, resolutions are like evening dresses. You have to have them but rarely use them. Pardon my metaphor usage skills. I am still sad over the fact that my damn birthday came and went by so fast!

Comin back to the point – if there was any, I was thinking about my resolutions and stared blankly at the page for a good two minutes. People achieve quite a lot by the time they are 23. Okay, let me rephrase that. SOME people achieve quite a lot by the time they are 23. These people are usually tennis or football players, your classmate in school who you thought was a geek but is now super successful and/or Jonas brothers. I was thinking of my accomplishments and of course I fell short. Even by my standards. I suffer from the ‘lack of killer ambition’ syndrome. I set goals and work hard but not hard enough. I fall that one inch short or one step behind and trust me, it is the most worstest feeling in the world. My exaggerated superlative should hopefully convey the emotion. So I have decided that I am not going to let this happen again. I will not come agonizingly close to my goal and see it slip away. I will just take it easy. Because, there are so many more important things than goals. So my first resolution is

“Either go the whole distance or do not start the journey at all.”

I have also realized that I have not taken up any new activity. I remember a time when I would have dance classes, craft classes and tuitions apart from school work all in the same day. I have become lazier than Inzamam-Ul-Haq. So my second resolution is

“Learn something(s) new.”

Last but not the least, I have decided to not cut my hair till next summer. I know this sounds very lame but I have a bad addiction. God knows how many times I have gone under the scissors and chopped off my hair in all possible forms. The result – my hair has become unmanagable. I always have a bad hair day. I am a recovering addict actually. I have not cut my hair for six months now. So, hoping to carry on with the same determination. My third resoltion

“Do not cut my hair”

Aah, just typing that caused heartache. So, turning 23 was pretty good all in all. I have three very reasonable resolutions and a whole new year to try and break them :).

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6 Responses to Turning 23

  1. mythalez says:

    reg resolution1: really? but then as they say, the journey is better than the destination 😛

  2. Himank says:

    Interesting post
    I have always liked listening you (or any other people) talking about your birthday fascination. Although not sharing the same excitement!

    Res -1 : Best option dont do anything, be lazy 🙂
    Res -2 : cant say much
    Res -3 : Same here.. i am thinking of growing my hair again 🙂

  3. djranga says:

    I remember celebrating your 22nd birthday. Hope 23rd was better and every year it gets even better 🙂

    Reg. Res 1, I don;’t agree with Himank here. I think one should go the whole distance :). res 2 is good and necessary too. that’s what keeps boredom away :), can’t say much about res 3.

  4. Sundeep says:

    some suffer from ‘lack of killer ambition’ – level 2. at this level you don’t even think about setting goals 😐 and to make matters worse, these young achievers are giving simple people a complex. wish i were a bit more cavalier :D.

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