Write back on track

Its been a while since I last posted. I have been writing a lot though, the old fashioned way. Pen and paper. Its funny because sometimes when I make a spelling mistake or a grammatical error, my hand automatically goes to the top right corner searching for a backspace button. Although writing and not typing has its own inconveniences, I feel like I write better when I am doing the former. I wonder how I had the patience to write essays during school exams because if now someone were to ask me to write 400 words at a stretch, I would find it excrutiatingly difficult. I sometimes envy my sister in this regard because she is not so dependent on technology – specifically computers. She is a brilliant writer. She still writes on her notepad and makes drafts and reads hard copies unlike me. I on the other hand, have become so alien to the idea of reading a book that I do not mind watching re-runs of tv shows to pass time. Note to myself, start reading again.

Its also been a while sine I last posted something about sports. My interest in tennis has detiriorated ever since Roger Federer has started shanking forehands as if his life depended on it. Plus, he’s just losing way too often for my liking. I would not have had a problem with his loss in form had there been some other interesting rivalries. Nadal has been inconsistent, Murray is just dispensable and the rest of the competition seems to wither when it comes to big matches. Djokovic has been the best this year. Great consistency and the ease with which he is defeating the top ranked players makes me believe he could be a contendor for the no.1 ranking. Still, nothing can match the excitement a Nadal-Federer match would create. Its understandable that Roger is not the player he once was. I guess most tennis lovers just refuse to accept this easily. Its difficult to find tennis players who play with the kind of poise and elegance that Roger does. Its almost impossible to find someone who has the mental acumen to go with such talent. I still think he can win a couple of grand slams provided luck favours him, but he needs to revise his strategy.

As for cricket, there has been way too much of it. Winning the world cup was incredible. But, having the IPL just a week after it was stupid. To people who say that ‘India can never have an overdose of cricket’, I would like to show the empty stands and the dropping TRP’s as proof. I mean, people just do not seem kicked about it. There is no sense of passion for supporting home teams any more. I guess Mumbai enjoys it because of Sachin but other than that, people are happy seeing what happened to their team in the morning newspapers. Having Sidhu as an analyst was the final nail in the coffin. I wonder how the people around him maintain their sanity. People seem to be tuning in to watch matches not to see cricket but to see which bollywood star is in the stands, pretending to be engrossed by the proceedings and with who by his/her side. And to think some predicted IPL would be as successful as the football leagues in England and Europe. It may be premature to dismiss IPL but I do not think it can survive if they keep presenting it the way they are now. Football leagues work because they are played every week and not packed into 40 days of non stop play. They work because its based on home town passion and support. They work because they are about football and not everything else. That aside, time for some predictions. I hope and want Kolkata to win this edition. This has got nothing to do with SRK and his bollywood entourage. They are playing well, and given the tumultous time they have had in the past editions, a win this time would be the sort of ending that SRK would hope for.

As for football, I was disinterested during the first half of this season because Liverpool were terrible. They were just not playing well. Then the transfer happened. It was the most interested I had been in EPL in quite some time. I was following the live updates on BBC and all that was required was popcorn and soda to turn it into a movie watching experience. I was very disappointed with Torres’s decision to join Chelsea. It’s not that he wanted out but the timing and the place he chose. Liverpool were down and out and needed their best players to stick. Gerrard has been injured though the season and Carragher also has had some injury problems. In retrospect, I am okay with his decision. I am not saying this because he has sucked ever since he joined Chelsea or because we used the money we got from selling him to buy two very good players. Okay, I am saying it because of these exact reasons :). I have not followed European football much but whatever little that I have has made me certain that from next season I will start following the La Liga also. The football is great and so are the footballers!

I hope my next post is a book review. Especially since now I have a kindle to read books 🙂

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17 Responses to Write back on track

  1. djranga says:

    “This has got nothing to do with SRK” I hope it has got to do with Gautam Gambhir 😛

    • Namrata says:

      I like Gautam Gambhir but he’s not the reason I want KKR to win. Although they do have Brett Lee 😛

  2. Bhargava says:

    Your post just got me thinking about how long it has been since i’ve written something on paper! And how I should seriously start doing something that doesn’t involve computers or TV!
    It’s a part of my work life but I spend so much time in front of the computer and depend on it so much, I fear someday I might get so sick of them i’ll go crazy! 😛
    Now to start off small, I’ll write my TODOs on paper instead of the virtual sticky notes on my desktop! 🙂

    The only reason I follow IPL is the fantasy team I created on cricinfo! It’s actually more addictive than IPL itself! 😛

    • Namrata says:

      If there was an association for people who spend 99% of their lives in front of a computer, you would, without the shadow of a doubt, be its chairman :).

  3. Ha ha..
    That is some comeback post!
    Now keep writing. 🙂

  4. Vipul says:

    “Having Sidhu as an analyst was the final nail in the coffin.” – So true.
    Looking forward to some good book review 🙂

  5. g2 says:

    As for the IPL.. well IPL after a world cup victory is like dal-rice after dum biryani!

    Even I cannot write 200 words at a stretch and I;m sure a 6 year old’s handwriting is better than mine! I have accepted that writing in MS word is better for someone who writes as much as I do. I type much faster than I write on paper… and while writing with hand, the thought process is disturbed because I end up ruing about my lost handwriting abilities! I guess I am way past the point of no return!

    glad you’re back to writing!

  6. rahul says:

    Empty stadiums? Even the Uppal stadium was full last night. You remind me of the US senator who fudged the facts to make his case 😛

  7. Namrata says:

    Was it. Maybe something’s wrong with my tv or my eyesight. I saw quite a lot of empty seats. Luckily, you do not remind me of anyone 🙂

  8. Maruti Borker says:

    La-Liga is crap 2 big teams hogging the limelight just like Serie A. German Football is quite exciting, Bundesliga FTW !

    • Namrata says:

      I do not really know much about German football. Spanish at least I know the teams and players a little. Plus, I really want to see Barcelona’s matches more often.

  9. rahul says:


  10. Karan says:

    You are off again! 😛

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