Right Round..Right Round

It took me a lot longer than it ideally should have but that does not take anything away from the achievement. I finally managed to make round chapatis and before you ask, yes, they were edible. Although I cook quite often when compared to a lot of people who stay on their own, I never quite mastered the art of making round chapatis and the sight of food which is shaped inappropriately kills my appetite. So, even while I proudly spoke about my adventures in the kitchen, I steered away clear from any mention of rotis. On my last visit to Mumbai though, my mom was not in town. So me and my father were left with an entire kitchen. Of course he expected me to put on the apron and serve out a delecious meal. I have no one to blame though. It was me who foolishly kept telling him that I am a fab cook and would love to cook for him someday. I, of course, also very foolishly, never expected that that someday would ever come. That too with my mom not around to help me – or you know better still, cook the entire meal on my behalf! But cometh the moment, cometh Namrata – the chef!

I entered the kitchen around 7.30 pm and by 9.30 I was done. Just two hours to cook a simple curry and make four rotis :). God knows how many times I kneaded back my roti into the dough. Every time I took out a piece of the dough to make small balls of it, and proceeded to flatten it out, I realized I had to redo it again. Gosh, that last sentence was wrong in so many ways. No innuendos intended please. But I know you get the drill. Finally when I managed to make a decent roti, I shouted in delight hoping I could patent it or something. My dad was startled. I quickly altered my reaction to one of extreme coolness :). After a struggle, I managed to make round rotis and my dad was very appreciative of the effort. Its without question, the tastiest meal I have ever had.

So, on item gets struck off my wishlist!

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8 Responses to Right Round..Right Round

  1. Anupama says:

    Haha! You had real fun:)

    • Namrata says:

      Wow that was fast Anu :). Ya it was good fun. Glad, my dad thought the same 😉

      • Anupama says:

        I saw your tweet and a link to your blog:) Couldn’t resist opening it. Next time cook something for us too. Sabudana wada this time- Mumbai special.

  2. Bhargava says:

    Ha ha! Your post made me smile.

    So when can I get a taste of the rotis!? And I also miss the aloo curry! 🙂

    • Namrata says:

      No…I value our ‘friendship’ a lot so won’t be taking such high risks ;). The aloo curry I can do 🙂

  3. stephen says:

    2 hours? Not bad in the sense that you finished well.

    I was thinking you will be writing something on championship final[between MU and Barcelona] or on this latest blackmailing of democracy by ‘ridiculous’ people.

    Any way, very funny post bringing out lighter side of souls. But, you wrote much better ones in the past.

  4. you can try for us when we get bored with flavors in new office 😛

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