The perks of being jobless

I recently quit my job for a plethora of reasons. And, I moved back home to stay with the parents. Its been approximately eight years since I last officially lived with mum and dad. So, I was pretty kicked about the move. That is probably the biggest positive I could take out of the situation. Although, the more I think about it, the more I realize that it has been quite an adjustment also. My mum is not totally aware of a lot of aspects of my personality, such as my desire to shop whenever I am either happy or sad or bored, my obsession with Ryan Gosling/Chuck Bass and almost anyone with a cute British accent, or that my morning so called prayer lasts about three seconds. But mum’s food, hands down beats to pulp, any of the compromises I may have to make to avoid a well intentioned but undesired lecture from her.

I am happy to move away from the monotony of the software job though. Goodbye, outlook! I never quite understood how my father could work in the same company for more than 25 years – that’s more than my age. Didn’t he get bored? My father responds with a faint smile or a chuckle whenever I ask him this question. He thinks I am a perfect representation of the ‘current generation’ which has very little patience, is way too cynical and does not walk the talk. Well, I cannot argue with him because he is quite right in a lot of his assessments. I can speak for myself. I have the attention span of an infant. There were days when I loved going to work and then there were days when I absolutely did not understand why for the love of God I was writing code. I think I know what I want to do with my life. It’s just that I am constantly subjected to or made aware of the circumstances or rather restrictions under which I am allowed to dream. Thus, taking a break seemed like a good idea.

The first week of joblessness was quite cool. Slept when I felt like it. Saw television. A lot of it. Spoke to mum in great detail about the most mundane things. Then it all got a little monotonous again. Add to it the woes facebook causes. Updates about foreign trips, promotions at work and of course impending marriages when you are sitting in your pajamas, watching Tom and Jerry can definitely dent your confidence. Luckily, even that phase did not last long. I have made peace with myself for not working. I am getting time to do things that I probably would not have done otherwise. One of them being reading. It is one of those good habits that I strangely abandoned. Am glad that my sister is a voracious reader and keeps bringing novels home. I am rediscovering the joys of reading. Another activity I have taken up is going to the gym. Working out to stay fit has always seemed like a Herculean task to me. I wish I had faster metabolism or some magic mantra to keep from putting on weight. Unfortunately, I don’t. Hence, the gym. It is not as bad as I though it would be. I am able to match my cardio quota. But, man getting abs is so tough. I asked the trainer to teach me a few basic exercises and I struggled quite badly. I don’t need no abs :). I have realized how important it is to have an active life though. Working in a software job results in a sedentary lifestyle. I lived one for two years. Its good to get some time away from the computer. I have also started to cook a little. Hopefully, I can hone my skills in the coming weeks.

When one has so much time on their hands, one tends to get a little philosophical at times. I have my moments too but more than anything else I am happy that I am spending time with family. Is there anything better than fighting with your sibling over the remote control???

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12 Responses to The perks of being jobless

  1. S Jayanth says:

    the best thing is living with one’s family. and that’s an even more emotional and a joyous thing to live through when someone is “coming back” to live with their family.

  2. gtoosphere says:

    awesome… I almost envy you!

  3. shashydhar says:

    that part about sitting at home and checking fb to see foreign trips, promotions and marriages is so funny! I think my attention span and patience was good during school days. It was the continuous exposure to internet, fb, need to do too many things, etc., etc. have, over time, stunted my attention span and patience.

  4. Meghna says:

    Beautifully expressed :)…Loved reading it. 🙂

  5. Avinesh PVS says:

    Yeah.. Everything is lovely for a while.. Staying at home enjoying the home food is indeed great!!!.. Have fun!!

  6. Karan says:

    Are you getting married? 🙂

  7. Sunny says:

    figured out what to do with life ? already ? that is awesome. only winning a million dollar lottery would’ve been better.

  8. srikanth says:

    K good decison keep it up & prepare how to cook & serve for your husband

  9. sri000 says:

    May be one regrets later….but I love to do the same as I am involved in hopeless agriculture

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