The first leg!

Midst the erratic sleeping patterns (and no I am not considering sleeping in class here, it is pretty mainstream now :P), home-food deprivation, midnight deadlines, 11pm curfews and an unproven theory about a cat caused epidemic, today was the completion of one baby step in the mba journey. Cheers to that!

I had an idea about how hectic life at a B-school would be. But, you never really know till you are in one. Its been a pretty interesting few weeks though. I would like to believe I have learnt a few things – both academic and non-academic. B-school experience is so different from the undergrad one. People are a lot more sure about themselves, a lot more focused if you like. So, any comparisons to the good old college days should ideally be chucked out. B-school is a whole new experience in itself. Can’t say if its better or worse, just different. Did I just make a politically correct statement. I really am in a b-school now ;).

What I like is the confluence of cultures and backgrounds in a b-school. The diversity is challenging in terms of dealing with different people and viewpoints, but is also helpful in terms of broadening your horizon of thinking. Almost everyone who makes it here is talented in some way or the other. So, there is always something to learn. Whether I have done that or not is not really that important or relevant to this post. What I have definitely learnt though is that, never judge a person from their FB profile. I am sure my SP batch mates know what I am talking about!

On a personal level though, I feel like time has just flashed past me. I don’t think any of us has had the time to stop and stare. Maybe some have done the staring part :P. I am lucky though because I get to come home, where things are normal and move at a non-mba pace. It helps keep things in perspective. Although my mum is quite sure that my only motivation to come home is to get my clothes laundered! That is such a false accusation I tell you.

All in all, it has been an eventful few days. I have met some really cool people. This includes Liverpool and Roger Federer supporters :P. I have met some interesting characters too. Unique people, hardworking people, not so hardworking people, eager to impress people, amusingly confused people, funny people, trying to be funny people and so on so forth. But, I think it is too early to conclude how it is going to be moving ahead. I am sure it will be crammed and tiring. I am also sure that it will be great fun. Because you can never really say for sure in a b-school. It depends. It always depends !!

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8 Responses to The first leg!

  1. cricketdiary says:

    Quite jealous. Always wanted(read want) to attend another class room course after B.Tech…Anyway, wishes for life @ SPJ n Mumbai ahead 🙂

  2. Please take a generous upvote for Liverpool!

  3. pasi says:

    great. and all the best.

  4. Loved the last few lines categorizing people as a whole… N ya FB is the new Cover of the book, as u have said “Never judge ….”.. A serene read indeed..

  5. priyank says:

    very well written…..

  6. aditi.h says:

    Hey Namrata, very aptly written…simple words yet reflective thoughts…

  7. tarun says:

    big changes in appearance. why? any way, it is good. write something too please.

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