Say Cheers!

I used to be one of those people who never understood the fascination some people had with alcohol. Back in undergrad, I practically looked down upon people who drank – perhaps a reflection of both my naivety and limited world view. I often wondered, what drove people to drink alcohol – it is not tasty, makes you loopy, it makes you say, and in some unfortunate cases do, stupid things. Well, you may ask how do I know? Let me summarize my answer to that question by stating the obvious – I have had alcohol and it has been quite some time since that eventful day or rather night. I approached the whole occasion with anticipation and excitement hoping that there would be something about the damn thing that made so many of my friends fans for life. I am not quite sure what followed after my first drinking adventure – partly because I was too sloshed to remember and partly because I realized that I could never just drink drink. To elaborate, I am one of those persons who doesn’t do “enjoy a drink”. I need to get drunk and dance. Given the fact that I am a decent dancer, one would imagine my pub dancing would not be so bad, right? Wrong. Alcohol makes me a lousy dancer. In fact, my friends told me I was jumping like a possessed person and gone was all the Kuchipudi grace I proudly embodied whenever I shook a leg. Funnily enough, I would pay to watch that version of me. Not so funnily, my friends got a free viewing plus a lifetime of ammunition that they liberally use now and then.

But I digress, as always. Coming back to alcohol – these few tasting experiences have had some positives. Firstly, I know what I don’t like and what I don’t like at all. I hate the way beer tastes. I have not yet cultivated the taste for red wine but my hubby tells me I will eventually, if I keep at it. I do not mind vodka. It is such a fun drink to have in my opinion.  Hits you quite easily too. Secondly, I know that I hate the feeling you wake up with the morning after. Although I have never completely embodied the spirit of being hung over (because I have never drank that much), the fact that you do not know the connection between all the dots makes me anxious. I am one of those people who likes to have fun, but also wants to remember how exactly it played out. So, what I am getting at is that me and alcohol are yet to figure out our relationship status. For now it stands at “It’s complicated”.

Of course my opinion about drinking and people who drink has changed from when I was a teenager. I think it is perfectly okay to drink as long as you know how much and how well you can deal with it :). As for me, I would rather sip on some Cranberry Sangria.

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7 Responses to Say Cheers!

  1. ANON says:

    Taking alcohol in rational amounts is ok…..avoiding it altogether is the best. Diff. people have diff, opinions on this, based on their experiences. Some people take a whole barrel and still maintain sanity, and some become monkeys ( or demons) even with little.

    Probably you are close to the last group.

    So, another item gets struck in your wish list.

    Do you take it when you are gloomy ?

    ‘Kuchupudi grace’……thats so good and nice.

  2. Neha says:

    Hail Mary..! 😀
    we gotta go celebrate this post soon… with cranberry sangria 😉

  3. Aditi_h says:

    Heyy…I so remember Red Ant Cafe at this point :P…must say, I could very well relate to some of your feelings towards alcohol ….

  4. pankajsaini says:

    Never expected a post on drinking from you 😛 but like with all other habits, it gets better with practice 😀

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