10 years of blogging

I just realised that this little space on the internet, that I call my blog, is more than 10 years old! I wrote my first ever blog post when I was 18, way back in 2006. I had to take a second to let that sink in. Not the fact that the blog has been in existence for a decade, I mean that blows my mind too, but where the heck did time go. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was giving my engineering entrance exams?

A little bit of background is necessary here. This blog was born in IIIT, Hyderabad – a place that holds a special place in my heart. A lot of the early posts on this blog are hence about college life and things that come along with being 19, 20, 21. There was a nice blogging community in college which motivated me to write more often. That should explain the sudden drop in frequency of posts after I graduated. However, I hope that I keep writing here, no matter how occasionally, for another decade or more.

All this reflection led to an unavoidable trip down memory lane. As I look back at my posts through the years, there are some obvious takeaways. The language, tone and themes have obviously changed. More understandably the naivety, myopic world view and stubbornness of youth has now given way to nuanced thinking, a broader mindset and being less impulsive with judgement . Maybe I am giving myself too much credit but I genuinely think I have become a better person and it wouldn’t have been possible had I not gone through all the good and bad experiences. So this blog is also a nice reminder of how far along I have come as a person.

So, after 133 posts, I thought I should write a post about my blog itself. If you are not too familiar with my blog or lost touch at some point (hello again), you might find this post interesting but even if you are someone who was part of my journey from way back when I was an oily faced, insecurity ridden teenager, you might get a few laughs as I go about embarrassing myself.

Disclaimer:Some of these posts are so badly written that it took every ounce of strength in me to not delete them. But feel free to judge away. I know I would have 😉

1. The one where it all started: Girls Day Out!!!

2. A nice little tradition that has spawned 7 articles: Year End Posts

3. I was discovering my political and social preferences when I wrote this post, but I am adding it here because the comments section was quite interesting with lots of viewpoints and arguments: Are we a culturally proud generation

4. The part of my life that took me to Mumbai:

5. One of my lame attempts at being funny/sarcastic: ‘THE’ women

6. If you thought my love for Roger Federer or tennis in general is a recent affair then you should read this. I think I wrote this right after the 2009 Australian Open match but the one memory I have is that of Sushma, my college friend coming to my room to find me sobbing uncontrollably, expecting the worst, only to realize the tears were for Federer. She still reminds me about this incident and we have a good laugh about it! : Australian Open ’09 – another classic

7. I had all but forgotten about that time when I got admission into a journalism college and almost changed career paths. Life would have been very different had that happened: Interview Experience – ACJ

8. The one where I talk fondly about train travel – The great Indian train

9. I took a break for 6 months when making the switch to an MBA and wrote about how it felt to be ‘jobless’ – The perks of being jobless

10. This blog and the encouragement I received over the years for my fairly average writing spawned my travel blog. While I find it hard to maintain a writing discipline, it feels good to have another space where I capture memories that capture a different facet of my life.

I can’t help but feel nostalgic and a little bit proud that this blog has survived for over a decade. I am surprised I kept up with it through two college degrees, three jobs, marriage, cross-country moves and just life in general.

I will drink to that!

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