Random facts about me

1. My favorite word


2. My least favorite word

long distance (that’s two words, extra thrown in for good measure)

3. What turns me on?

a good conversation

4. What turns me off?

lack of sensitivity,

5. What sound or noise do I love?

a good laugh

6. What sound or noise do I hate?

honking of vehicles

7. What is my favorite curse word?

**** ******,

8. What profession other than my own would I like to attempt?


9. What profession would I not like to do?

paparazzi(a bad form of journalism)

10. If Heaven exists, what would I like to hear God say when I arrive?

let’s get the party started 😀

8 Responses to About

  1. Rakesh Datta says:

    u stopped blogging???

  2. krupanidhi says:

    good work

  3. masthan says:

    Nice blog…..

  4. Munish Gupta says:

    its funny hw I end up bumping into pool fans. two of my very close friends r liverpool fans and one of them has a co-blog with me (http://kaustubhb.wordpress.com/). You might be interested in tht.

    And yea… as Ferguson said before Man City game… Liverpool is our real derby….
    25th Oct awaits… 🙂

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