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The year end post – 2017

A year ago I was living in Singapore. A year ago I worked in a startup that was building cool things but that many hadn’t heard of. A year ago I was still in my 20s 😉 A lot can … Continue reading

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Guide to the 10 best Telugu movies in the past two years (2016–17)

Posters of some of the best Telugu movies in 2016, 2017 I often find myself falling through the rabbit hole that is ‘google search for best movies in other Indian languages’. Since I do not live in India anymore I miss … Continue reading

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Mahanubhavudu (Telugu)

As a serial sanitizer user and organization freak I am often used to people wondering how I find the time or enthusiasm to color code my wardrobe or clean an already clean house. Friends and family often remark “you have … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Arjun Reddy, the movie

One of the biggest fallacies that Indian cinema audiences fall into is of taking movies too seriously. Now, don’t get me wrong. Cinema is an art form (when it is treated that way), a source of entertainment, reflection, comfort and … Continue reading

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Spyder — Movie Review

Halfway through watching Spyder — the latest action thriller from A.R.Murugadoss starring Mahesh Babu and S J Suryah, I turned to my husband and said “this is one of the best written antagonists I have seen in a long time in Telugu … Continue reading

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10 years of blogging

I just realised that this little space on the internet, that I call my blog, is more than 10 years old! I wrote my first ever blog post when I was 18, way back in 2006. I had to take a … Continue reading

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The year end post – 2016

It has been a year since I last published on my blog so it is only fitting that my first and last post of 2016 be the year end post. There was a lot to talk and write about this … Continue reading

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Road Trip from Singapore to Malacca

We love a good road trip. Listening to music, snacking on junk food, arguing over directions -despite a GPS and scouting for clean public restrooms. What’s not to love! Since we don’t get to drive around in Singapore, we decided … Continue reading

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Budapest – A picture essay

Ever seen television shows or movies set in Medieval Europe and wish you could be transported to that era? The castles and palaces and the amazing architecture are too beautiful to resist, aren’t they? Well, we don’t have time machines … Continue reading

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Magical Istanbul – Three day itinerary

“If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.” -Alphonse de Lamartine Istanbul is magical. There are no two ways about it. From the mesmerizing blue waters of The Bosphorous to the stunning … Continue reading

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