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The year end post : 2012

I have developed a bit of a tradition over the past few years of writing an year end post(The previous posts can be found here: 2011 and 2010). 2012 was a very interesting year for me, perhaps also one of … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves

I am not the complaining type. Ok, maybe a little. I attribute this to two things. One, I (like to) give my unsolicited opinion on everything under the cloudy polluted skies. Two, I really genuinely am passionate about some things. … Continue reading

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Not a happy journey

I said a little prayer and turned off the light. Sleep eluded me and every now and then I reminded myself about the important thing I had to do the next day. I checked my phone twice to make sure … Continue reading

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Interview Experience – ACJ

Have been postponing this post for quite some time. Not sure why though. Getting into the Asian College Of Journalism (ACJ) was one of the happier moments of the past one year but the fact that I was not going … Continue reading

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What Women Want

Came across this competition on blogadda and decided to give it shot. It has been sponsored by Pringoo. Now, some people (read between the lines -> men), consider women to be utterly complicated, unbelievably confused and unpredictable. They are right! … Continue reading

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Not a gratuitous post

The last post was quite a revelation. Lots of people ended up in the ‘pani mein dub maro’ category. Before I tell the answer, would like to clear few things, -> the photo was not tampered with in any way, … Continue reading

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Gratuitous post

How many of you googled for the word in the title, huh :). Okay, all the non gre folks are excused. As for the others, start reading – the mention of this word will not puzzle you anymore. I … Continue reading

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‘THE’ women

On the eve of Women’s day, I would like to take the opportunity to honour some fine women for their contribution to the society; or not. The winners were decided by me and me alone.Hence, I receive both the bouquets … Continue reading

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Office Office!

I just realized that I have not written much about my office on my blog. Most people think that I work in Mumbai (I wish I did), courtesy my posts on the city; but I am still happily perched in … Continue reading

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Relevance of forgiveness

The idea for this post came from an article I stumbled upon a few days back. The Amish school shooting was a horrific incident that took place in USA on Oct 2,2006. Innocent young girls lost their lives and the … Continue reading

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