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Getting my ‘fit’ back

As someone who enjoys the idea of exercise and being fit, in principle at least, it shocks me that my absolute lack of motivation when it comes to doing active things has carried on for as long as it has. … Continue reading

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The year end post – 2014

Wait, what? Year end post? Is it just me or did time just fly this year? For all practical purposes 2014 was supposed to be my year, at least in my head. Done with MBA (and studies, I swear), done … Continue reading

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Write back on track

Its been a while since I last posted. I have been writing a lot though, the old fashioned way. Pen and paper. Its funny because sometimes when I make a spelling mistake or a grammatical error, my hand automatically goes … Continue reading

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It has been an eventful few weeks. Most of them have led to one significant conclusion.I can say with supreme confidence that I am the most careless person on planet earth. No, I do not do normal careless stuff like … Continue reading

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The IPL post

I am neither a cricket pundit nor Navjot Singh Sidhu. The opinions expressed in this post stem from my limited albeit poignant knowledge of cricket (that is how one should expand ignorance). I do not care what a silly point … Continue reading

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Lookback at 2009

I know I cannot match several magazines (read TIME,People etc) when it comes to generating ‘lists’ ,but I am also not the one who gets easily discouraged as such and more importantly I have an opinion on everything. This post … Continue reading

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Stumped !!

This year has been an year of firsts for me. My first date, my first time weighing around 50kg (ok, technically not the first time but first time in a long long time 🙂 ), my first time to a … Continue reading

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Australian Open ’09 – another classic

I am still a little misty-eyed as I write this post and that is only because of the immense respect and appreciation I have for the talent,skill,commitment and class of Roger Federer. Congratulations to Nadal for putting up such a … Continue reading

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The year that was

2008 was a strange year. It was a lot of other things as well but it was a strange year more than anything else. We went from being amazed at the shooting fuel prices to being distraught at the faltering … Continue reading

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Dog of another kind

Ari Gold has a classic quote in Entourage which goes something like ‘This town loves nothing more than a comeback and since Britney blew her’s, there is still chance….’ (a few words have been changed because Ari is an obscenity … Continue reading

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