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My favourite songs – tag post

First off, thanks to Himank for tagging me ( See, I have marketed your blog now :P). Earlier – by which I mean when I was in school, I would listen to only movie music be it hindi or telugu. … Continue reading

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5 women I would date!

Picked up this tag from an interesting blog. The tag is about 5 women you would date if you were a guy. Pardon my choice of images :). So here’s my list 1. Julia Roberts – She is intelligent,charming,really funny … Continue reading

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12 things no one knows about me

Well, after this post people will know. This exercise is neither pointless nor easy. I don’t want to sound like a wannabe beauty paegant contestant but the biggest challenge in life is discovering yourself! It was pretty tough to narrow … Continue reading

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The magic lamp – tag post

This post goes to show how self contradictory I am.I had planned on taking a hiatus from blogosphere but this seems like a nice topic so thought of posting it before going home. My 5 wishes would be 1. Would … Continue reading

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In elite company – tag post!

I take immense pride in being a part of the blogging community of UG2K5 – which to my knowledge is the most active in the campus.I was tagged and guess its time to spill the beans , my take on … Continue reading

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Tag Post!

First of all thanks Himank because I was running out of ideas and second of all this whole tagging thing is pretty cool.My answers 1. A living person I would like to meet – Oprah Winfrey because shes such an … Continue reading

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Life In A Day!!

Preposterous thought aint it?Well,its an open secret that life is so unpredictable and you never know whats going to happen in the blink of an eye.Then again that is what makes life so much fun too.There is always an element … Continue reading

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