My wishlist

1. Watch Roger Federer play live

2. Learn a foreign language

3. Read the Bhagavad Gita

4. Taste alcohol (cough syrup/over fermented grape juice does not count)

5. Learn how to wear a saree and then carry it off well

6. Be a role model for my sister

7. Learn how to drive

8. Watch three back to back movies at the cinema

9. Write a book

10. Make round chapatis

11. Learn how to swim 


8 Responses to My wishlist

  1. krishna says:

    Q) Pick the odd one ?
    A) Get a tattoo permanent one .. just kidding..i liked ur blog

  2. Trisha says:

    if i wrote such a list, it wud be so much like urs right down to making round chapatis lol.

  3. shrikant says:

    hey i have done a lot of things that are on ur wish list

    #4: well now that i dont count as a task 😛
    #5: did valley crossing sort of thing once
    #6: wore it once, and i carried it off too because i can vividly rem my uncle’s face lolzz
    #8: this one is on top of my wish list
    #11: did it when i was in hostel, bunked out for a whole day
    #13: yeah i can make round chapatis and they taste good too 😀

  4. Sri says:

    Real funny. I enjoyed reading it.

    But getting tattoo is a bad idea and a choice. I guess Megan Fox looks like your role model.

    You girls can make your future husbands make round chapatis. Not a problem.

    Any way, with all these you want to be a role model for your sister? May be in affection and responsibilities.

  5. whatsupdoc? says:

    hilarious! there is something so cool about tattoos isn’t there? and I want to write a book too! cheers…

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